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Meet Navila Abubakar, Oral Health Therapist

Navila AbubakarNavila completed her Oral Health Therapy degree at Curtin University where she achieved ‘The Golden Scaler’ award for her outstanding performance. Prior to university, she worked in the dental health sector for many years before deciding to advance her studies.

Her degree allows her to work in both roles as a hygienist; providing general cleaning and periodontal care (deep cleaning) to children and adults, and a therapist; providing general, preventative and restorative care to children and teenagers.

Passionate Care

Navila is passionate about providing the best possible care, in the gentlest manner and values the importance of regular preventative dental care. She is also quite skilled in the treatment of periodontal disease and is able to provide these patients with a customised management plan. Navila works alongside Drs Tessa and Kevin providing their patients with scale and cleans, as well as working independently for providing treatment to patients with periodontal disease.

Navila loves seeing patients achieve beautiful smiles. She has been working alongside Dr Tessa to provide care for Invisalign patients for many years now. Together, they provide shared care to all clear aligner patients. You may see Navila or Dr Tessa or both, depending on the stage of treatment. Navila is qualified to answer any questions you may have about how the Invisalign sequential aligner system works. She can also monitor your progress as you move forward through your treatment plan.

She has gained years of experience working with children and teenagers, and is able to provide them with comprehensive treatment in all areas of dentistry as well. Navila has an excellent understanding of many dental procedures such as Invisalign®, implants, extractions and periodontal care and is always willing and able to give her patients advice.

Navila Abubakar, Oral Health Therapist | (08) 9381 8700