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Dentures at Shenton Park Family Dental

Do you need an efficient option to replace your missing teeth? Dentures are a tried and true solution for restoring your smile, in the case of extensive tooth loss. Our office provides a variety of denture design options depending on what your needs are.

Advantages of Dentures

Woman checking out dentures in mirrorDentures can replace a couple of teeth here and there or all of your teeth at one time. Their design is customised to the individual, to look and feel as best as possible. Plus, the durability of the denture materials allows them to last for several years.

You may want to consider dentures if you don’t want (or qualify for) a dental implant or bridge. During your evaluation, we can discuss the pros and cons of each, as it relates to your unique needs. We want you to feel confident about your smile restoration decision, whatever it is.

Are you planning to get an implant or bridge in the future but have to wait for some reason or another? We can make a denture within the week for cosmetic and functional purposes to get you by until the time is right.

Full vs. Partial Dentures

Partial dentures replace the few specific teeth that are missing, allowing you to preserve the other teeth in your smile. On the other hand, a full denture covers the entire arch of teeth to replace all of them at one time.

Partial dentures typically have a metal framework with small extensions that wrap around healthy teeth for a secure fit. Yet the ‘teeth’ and ‘gums’ on them are crafted to look natural. With a full denture, the entire appliance is made of pink acrylic, except for the teeth (which are matched to your liking).

It’s also possible to create modified dentures that snap into place over dental implants, for added stability throughout the day. These designs work well for people with thin bone, who might otherwise have difficulty creating a seal between their denture and oral tissues.

Anyone who’s getting a new denture for the first time will need to give themselves time to adjust to it. With a bit of practice speaking in the mirror and chewing different textures of foods, most people adapt to their new prosthesis within a couple of weeks. On the other hand, partial dentures where only a few teeth are being replaced are typically much easier to tolerate straightaway.

How should I clean my denture?

Remove your denture nightly and soak it in an effervescent cleansing solution. Rinse and brush it the next morning to remove any plaque or stain debris. Clean your mouth with a soft toothbrush or washcloth prior to placing the denture back into your mouth.
How often should I visit the dentist for checkups if I wear a denture?

Continue planning checkups routinely to have your mouth and denture evaluated. Since things can change over the months and years, those intermittent exams can extend the durability of your prosthesis and the overall health of your oral tissues.
How long do dentures last?

The typical denture will last several years, so long as it fits properly and is adjusted or relined as needed. Avoid sleeping in your denture, as doing so can change the fit of your overall prosthesis.

Plan Your New Smile Today

For a truly personalised denture experience, contact our office to reserve an appointment.

Any invasive or surgical procedure may carry risks. Before moving forward, it is recommended that you seek a second opinion from an appropriately licensed medical professional.

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